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Criminal Defense

 When most people think of 'criminal defense', they envision an attorney who will go toe-to-toe with a local district attorney.  However, criminal defense is much more than just resolving a criminal charge.

General Criminal Defense

Generally, the most pressing issue is 'what am I charged with, what does it mean, and how long will I go to jail.'  Our firm brings the experience of west and east Texas defense to our criminal representation.  we have actually worked at multiple district attorney's offices and understand the differences between big city prosecutors and more rural prosecutors.  This knowledge helps us craft representation to best meet the needs of your case.

Asset Forfeitures

Many people do not realize that the State can actually take your personal and real property as you are being charged with a criminal offense.  The seizure of your property is actually a civil proceedings.  Our attorneys have the skill set to maneuver the civil system in such a way that does hinder your criminal defense. 

Bond Forfeitures

Our firm represents criminal defendants and bonding companies to address bond forfeiture issues.  The laws regarding the forfeiture of bonds has evolved over the last several years to provide defendants and their bondsmen more defenses, other than simply throwing themselves on the mercy of the court.


Unfortunately, more than one innocent person was forced to 'take the ride' to the courthouse to faces criminal allegations despite their actual innocence.  Unfortunately, despite their exoneration of the criminal charges, the mere arrest continues to haunt their employment and school options.  We know this a serious issue, so we offer free expunction evaluations.  Simply contact our office, submit your documents, and we will be able to tell you if and when you qualify for an expunction to finally clear your record. 

Occupational License

DWI and some drug offenses result in automatic suspensions of a person's license to drive.  Unfortunately, people still need employment to meet their financial obligations.  We offer support in obtaining occupational license so that you can get back to work and meet your financial obligations.  This is a special license issued by the court which permits you to drive during working hours.

Disclaimer:  The information in this website is provided for general informational purposes only, and may not reflect the current law in your jurisdiction. No information contained in this site should be construed as legal advice from this law firm, nor is it intended to be a substitute for legal counsel on any subject matter. No reader of this post should act or refrain from acting on the basis of any information included in, or accessible through, this site without seeking the appropriate legal or other professional advice on the particular facts and circumstances at issue from a lawyer licensed in the recipient’s state, country or other appropriate licensing jurisdiction.


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Whether in the civil or criminal arena, cases do not always work out as expected or hoped.  We are one of the few law firms in this area that offers appellate services for family law and criminal law matters.  Some attorneys are actually concerned that an appeal will harm their personal relationship with the local judge.  Our attorneys believe that appeals are necessary part of advocating  for our clients when needed.  Appeals are sometimes necessary when a litigant needs a higher court to review the case to make sure that everything was done correctly at the trial court level.       


Mediations are the heart of collaborative law.  The parties meet at one location with a neutral third party, the mediator, to help the parties work through the reasons for their lawsuit.  Mediators can assist with divorces, property division issues, child custody issues, and general civil disputes.  Some parties think they have to attend mediation and "solve the whole case."  Mediation is often an effective way to reduce issues so that you spend less time in court, thereby freeing up more time and assets to work on truly contested issues.  For example, a husband and wife may reach agreements for custody of their children at mediation, thus leaving only limited property issues to be heard by a judge.

Our mediators have assisted with cases involving divorces, child support, conservatorship of children (child custody), property division, CPS issues, and dissolution of businesses.  They generally service the surrounding counties of Dallas County, Kaufman County, Rockwall County, Van Zandt County, and Henderson County.  However, our mediators have also travelled to other counties to make their services more accessible to their clients, including Collin County, Ellis County, Tarrant County, and Smith County.

For more information, see our "Mediation Center" page.


Family law is often about resolving conflicts, however, adoptions usually involve the best of parenting.  Often, a parent loves their child, but realizes they have a limited ability to provide their child the life they deserve.  They seek adoption as a way to give their child a better life.  'Parents of the Heart' are those parents that have hearts big enough to take on the responsibility for raising another person's child as their own.  Our firm understands the joy and anxiety associated with adoptions.  Our services involve balancing those anxieties to help children have the future they need and deserve.

Divorces (full and partial representation- legal services)

Our firm offers support for contested and uncontested divorce cases.

Uncontested Divorces

Contested divorces are emotionally and financially expensive.  Even though a divorce often means the end of a relationship, a divorce does not always require the sacrifice of the entire family.  In recent years, we have seen an increase in attorneys who seem to give advice which actually escalates conflict and proliferates costs, rather than providing their clients with options to reduce conflict.  When possible, we try to help our clients find cost-effective options to resolve disputes.  We review options with clients to help them continue co-parenting with their spouse, despite the end of the marriage relationship.


Contested Divorces

Uncontested divorces do happen.  However, the need for a divorce is often a symptom of a bigger problem that needs a more direct and aggressive representation.  Our firm is not afraid of tackling touch family law issues like obtaining protective orders for clients, seeking appropriate restraining orders, and working through complex property issues.  Over the last year, we have obtained protective orders for multiple clients who had been denied services by the district attorney in their area.  If you need support, we will work hard to make sure you have the tools, resources, and support to get the peace of mind you desperately need in a contested divorce case.

Will Drafting and Probate

 Many people assume that once they are divorce, their ex-spouse will not inherit when they pass away.  If a person does not change their will after they are divorced, then the Will can still influence how their estate will be handled.  Whether it is for post-divorce purposes or general estate planning, we offer a complete will package that includes a power of attorney, directive to physician, and medical power of attorney.  This insures that your wishes are honored and the stress is reduced for loved ones during trying times.

We also offer assistance in probate and alternatives to probate after a loved one has passed.  We understand that the loss of a loved one is stressful enough, without having to struggle through the probate process.  Call for a consult to discuss options to help reduce the stress for probate or avoid a probate all together.


Proudly serving Kaufman County, Henderson County, and Van Zandt County

Child Custody

Child custody often refers to fighting for custody or conservatorship of a child.  However, child custody also includes child support issues, CPS investigations, grandparent access and temporary conservatorship.  Our firms offers services in all areas of child custody.


Conservatorship is when a parent is seeking custody of their child or another child.  Our firm has extensive experience in helping parents seek parenting plans that provide for the emotional and physical health of their children.  We have also helped grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other third parties legally step into the role of 'parent', especially when they have served in the role as 'parent'.

CPS Investigations

CPS investigations are rarely fun.  To add to the trauma of dealing with CPS, many parents also face the risk of criminal prosecution for charges which caused the initial investigation.  Our firm has the combined family law and criminal law experience to balance the demands of a CPS investigation with the risks of criminal liability.

Temporary Conservatorship

Sometimes parents just hit hard times and need a little help.  We have helped families with temporary arrangements with no or minimal court intervention.  Our services balance the need for support, without the overreaching stress of


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Probate and Estate Planning

General will packages, which include:

  • Execution of Will
  • Power of Attorney
  • Physician's Directive
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