Cheney, Fernandez & Associates, P.C.

What happens after my consult?

Much of what happens after the consult depends on what is needed and what you prefer.  Often, we can find non-legal solutions for clients that do not require additional legal services.

If you do need additional legal services, then we will send you a retainer contract so that you can "officially hire" our firm for any additional services that you need or request.

What not to bring to my first meeting with the attorney?

1.  We request that you not bring minor children to consults.  We do love children, but rightfully so, most judges in this region have rules and guidelines that discourage adult/legal discussions in front of minor children.  It is generally best if you make alternative arrangements for their care during your consult.

2.  Third parties.  Similar to above, we discourage third parties (aunts, uncles, sisters, or neighbors....).  We do not hate or dislike your family or friend.  This is simply to protect your right of attorney/client confidentiality.  If a third party is present during your consult, then they could potentially be called later to testify against you regarding the items you discussed with the attorney.  


What is a consult?

A consult is your first meeting with an attorney to explore your options.  Many people call our office and want to know "How much do you charge for a divorce" or "How much to represent me in a custody dispute."  Most cases require an evaluation before we can quote you an exact cost.  This is why consults are frequently required.  During a consult, we can gather more information from you about the details of your situation, explore options, and then you can make an educated decision about your next step. 

Sometimes, the options are as simple as taking a co-parenting class, which is by far cheaper than full litigation.  Other options are more complex and require motions and orders.  We try to explore as many options with you during your initial consultation. 

Many firms offer limited 30 minutes consults.  Thirty minutes is rarely sufficient to cover any legal issues a person may have.  We offer one hour and two-hour consult options to insure that our attorneys have time to discuss your case with you and review your legal and non-legal options.

To arrange this meeting, simply call or email our office through the CONTACT US section of our website. 

We look forward to visiting with you!

What should I bring to my first meeting with the attorney?

1.  Documents:   If you have been served with any type of documents or papers, you need to bring those items with you to your consult.  No attorney can effectively advise you if they do not have the actual document before you.

2.  Supporting documents or evidence:  Likewise, if you will be asking questions about the effect of any document, picture, or recording, you need to bring that as well.  This gives the attorney an idea of the real nature of your case and what the evidence is likely to show.  From there, the attorney can guide you on the legal effect of your document.

3.  List of questions:  If you think about your issues and make a list, it reduces the chances that you will forget to ask the attorney an important question.  It makes the process go much more smoothly when you have a clear outline of what you would like to ask.

4.  Notepad:  We do offer notepads to individuals who would like to take notes.  We encourage note taking as it helps you better evaluate your options after the consult.

5.  Intake Sheet:  We also ask that you complete an intake form.  This basically tells the attorney the general nature of your problem.  When you contact our office, we will email you the form(s) needed for your consultation.