Our firm is one of the most active firms giving back personally and financially to our local community.  We value the areas that we serve and strive to support the programs that help the families that we work with on a regular basis.  Some of our most recent programs include:

The Kaufman Christian Help Center:  We contribute and challenge others to engage in "Couponing for Kaufman."  We believe that our personal contributions and those by the others we encourage represent an investment in the surrounding areas of Kaufman County.  In 2016, our firm contributed food items to feed over 200 families for the Thanksgiving Holidays alone.  Each month, we give other contributions to this pantry program including shampoo, toothpaste, and general food items.  We don't give because we can.  We give because we should.

Jake E's Riding Round-up:  This is a wonderful program to help children and animals.  Each year, we have been one of the few Gold Sponsors.  Regardless of the decisions that adults make, we feel it's important to contribute and preserve a resource that helps the children of this community overcome personal and emotional hardships of which they had little or not control.

Texas Tech Polo Team and the Crandall High School Mock Trial Team:  It may seem clich√©, but the children are our future.  We support programs that keep children engaged in their education.  Locally, that means supporting local high schools, like Crandall High School, as an industry adviser to their Mock Trial Program.  State-wide, that means helping college students finish the dreams the began in high school with contributions to colleges like Texas Tech.

Veterans of Foreign Wars:  Numerous men and women sacrificed to insure that we have the liberties we have today.  We honor that sacrifice by giving back to those programs designed to help Veterans.


Crandall Mock Trial Team

Jake E's Riding Round-up

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