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Divorces, Adoptions, Custody Disputes, Mediation Services, Wills/Probate,  Expunctions, and Appeals

​​General Pricing for Mediation Services

$475.00 per 4 hour mediation.

$650.00 per 6 hour mediation.                                   $950.00 for 8 hour mediation.


$125.00 per party for add-on hours of mediation.

Cheney Fernandez Mediation Services

Mediation is a process for litigants to work out agreements with no or minimal court intervention.  Our mediation center strives to provide a comfortable environment for mediation so that parties can focus on the issues affecting their lives.  We welcome attorneys and their clients, but we also provide services to pro se litigations simply wishing to resolve their case quickly and efficiently.  If you and your spouse are close to an agreement for a divorce action, but just need help negotiating the fine details, mediation is an effective option to resolve those issues without having to spend uncomfortable hours in a courtroom.

Why Choose Cheney Fernandez Mediation Services

Our mediators are successful family law negotiators with proven results.

Affordable pricing.  Settling a case should not break the bank.

Zoom capabilities for mediation services- mediate without having to leave your house.

Weekend and evening mediation times available upon special request.

Mediation and Dispute Resolution Center


​​Pro se Mediation Services

You do not have to be represented by an attorney to participate in mediation.  

Often people want to have an agreed divorce, but just don't know how to handle those last few issues.  Our mediators are available to assist parties with collaborative mediation services even when they are not represented by an attorney.